Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Iowa State Fair Bear Poker

I went to the fair today with one of the Angel's. She picked me up at church and then we did park and ride. That was an interesting process. You drive all the way to Southeast Polk High School and park and then ride all the way back into town on a bus. The buses were nice, clean and air conditioned. They dropped us off at the Dean Ave entrance. It was a day of eating and meeting.  I gnawed my way through two pork chops, a raspberry cider slushy, a 24 oz IPA, some nitro ice cream and a lemonade. The angelic presence had a pork chop, raspberry cider slushy, Guinea grinder, some ice tea, water and nitro ice cream. We also encountered another angel with extended family present plus one police officer in plain clothes with partner. It was a warm day with a breeze, but little humidity.

There were quilts, knives, jellies, jams and hot nuts. I always have trouble resisting hot nuts (insert your own joke here), so I got some. They were delicious. The angelic presence was allergic. I wanted her to try one so I could see what happened, but she was concerned about premature death, so I backed off.   

Speaking of hot nuts, you might recall that I was concerned about my balls hanging too low and maybe even getting bigger. After seeing the super bull and the big boar today, I'm back to feeling like a eunuch. The boar's were so heavy he could not even get up. No sows would be getting molested by him. He just laid there snoring. The bull had no shame though. He was standing and they hung half way to the floor. He really did not look like he would be meeting any heifers later either. He liked having his picture taken. I think he might have been gay. He did ask me where the steers were.

There were lots of very nice 'brownies' at the fair too. The angelic presence was trying to act like she didn't notice them.
I only have a couple of pictures to share. In the Conservation Building we ran into this old guy poking a bear. It takes a lot of courage to take on the Bear. You really have to admire him. Then again, he might just be crazy. I've always preferred otter poking. Bears are just a mess.   

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