Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Caribou Church

I frequent the Caribou coffee shop in Pleasant Hill on most mornings. I have not been in attendance as much as usual this week. I have not been up to it. I've been feeling odd; very tired and sleepy, even after a full night of rest. I'm not sure what's going on. I fell asleep at work yesterday. That was embarrassing. I suppose I should go to the doctor. I really don't want to though. It's my experience that the doctor wants to cure any number of things that are not bothering me, but he never has any answers to stuff like this. I suppose it could be age related or maybe I just need a vacation. Whatever it is, I could use a nap right now.

It's kind of quiet at Caribou this morning. Normally it's a hub of caffeinated chatter that's so loud one can barely hear one's self think. It reminds me of church in some ways. People sitting around drinking coffee and talking about absolutely nothing of import. There are exceptions to this. I have seen tears and arguments. I have heard the police discussing drug busts and drunks. And there is the book club on Thursdays that never seems to have any books with them. There are also days when the place is infested with pastors - some talking shop and others not talking at all. It's a good place to get a cross section of white middle class humanity with the occasional smattering of minority members in the mix. Now that I think about it, I guess I would qualify as a genuine minority in this group. How many gay Christians do you know? Unless you know me, probably none. Jesus knows quite a few of us, but I digress. If He were here, I think He would stop by for a decaf latte and a bag of olives. Middle eastern types seem to enjoy olives.

I suppose you're asking yourself, "What's he talking about? A bag of olives? Since when do olives come in bags?"

I kid you not; this coffee shop has Caribou brand olives in a vacuum packed bag next to the dark chocolate covered coffee beans and biscotti. I told the cashier that I would eat many things with my cappuccino, but olives was not one of them. I really don't like them anyway, but with coffee? Really? I don't think so.       

I'm a bit peckish this morning. Maybe I should go over to the Market Grill and get some scrambled eggs and bacon. That should put me right to sleep eh? It sounds really good though. I love eggs and bacon. There's nothing like freshly cooked chicken embryos and smoked, fried porcine shavings to get you going in the morning. A bowl of cereal just will not cover what I need. Neither will a bag of olives.  

Speaking of food, the Iowa State Fair is coming up next week. I am supposed to attend on the 13th with Jeffery's Angels. I think we will be short one Angel. We will see what happens. I wonder if they will have deep fried olives on a stick? There's a concept. I hope it has not come to that. I'm praying for a cool cloudy day on the 13th.

Time for a refill now as I commune with the Saints at Caribou. Hold the olives please.

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