Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Election

Everybody on the right and left are clamoring about the unmitigated disaster that will occur if candidate A or B is elected and how this is the most importantist election ever.

I have one thing to say about that.


Is it not always this way? Are we not always on the precipice of disaster, doom, depression and gloom without any of them to save us? Piffle.

All of my life, during election time, we are told by candidates, media and political scientists that America's future sits on the razor's edge and that the future of our nation will be irreparably harmed if Joe or Jane Blow is elected president. I am so sick of it. They are like roosters and mad hens posturing in the chicken house over the state of the farm. They can make a real mess, but as long as the eggs keep coming, I don't care what they do.

Presidents are really as toothless as chickens whatever their political bent happens to be. They can do nothing without the cooperation of congress, the supreme court, the military and local and state governments. They have relatively little power even if they are great orators and leaders and can garner the support of even their political enemies. Most of them have been little more than opportunists seeking gain at the public expense by telling their supporters comforting things that they never intend to do anything about. What actually happens in the primaries, conventions and general elections has little to do with reality or the way they end up governing. Nothing gets done that cannot be reversed or even stopped. Presidents are really just figureheads that lead by the consensus of the  military-industrial complex. What we do in the voting booth has little relevance to actual governance. Instead we get power brokers attempting to extend the reach and control of those that actually rule and it is not the people of the United States.

I have not voted since 2008. Our votes are meaningless in my opinion. There is one bi-factional political party in this country all beholden to the same worldwide group of money/power interests that have been running the world since the early 20th century. These people are empire builders and their loyalty is not to the people of the United States or even the world. Their only interest is to keep what they have, build more wealth and gain greater control over the "slaves" and "useless eaters". In a world of robots, they will not even need us. Robots do not eat, they can be fixed and they do not vote or complain about long working hours or where they live or the miserable state of health care.

Trust me. When the time comes that the 'powers that be' no longer need us to create wealth, they will dispense with us post haste. If you do not believe me, Google the 'Georgia Guide Stones'. Their plan is right there in full view of the public. When the time comes, hope that you are necessary to their needs, because if you are not, you will be done. They think we are their property to be used or dispensed with. Whatever.

Perhaps you think that this is the paranoid ramblings of an old man or that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will help or protect you. I'm good with that. Live in ignorance. It might be easier. Let CNN or Fox or Rush Limbaugh or MSNBC dictate what you think and do. Be a tool for the Tools.

It's all piffle I tell you! Unplug. Disengage. Stand back and take a long look at the big picture. You will realize, as Barry Goldwater said, "in your heart, you know I'm right".

So what's important then? Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. Everything else is just piffle.

Now you may return to your hand wringing over politics. Good Day to you!              

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