Friday, July 22, 2016

Odd That...

As a cultural observer, I find it amusing the way in which the habits of youth seem to trickle down to the older set and even to the elderly in the present age. It tells me that all wisdom is dying and that we learn nothing from the foolishness of our own youth or the silliness of our immaturity. In our dotage, we have tattoos needled to our hidden and not so hidden parts. We dye our hair unnatural colors of blue and green and magenta as if we were extras on the Rocky Horror Picture Show. We pierce our heads and other body parts in odd places that make certain activities more difficult if not impossible.

It's all just so stupid. My friends, we are old. We look silly when we try to look like the children of our time. And do you know what they will look like at our age? Like us if we were tattooed, pierced and dyed; a wrinkled, sagging mess of gray roots, flab and lack of muscle tone.

Is recapturing a misspent youth so important that we are willing to look ridiculous? Or are we so blind to our aging that we do not see what we have become when we look in the mirror? It's pathetic and I do not understand it.   

Age and seniority should be viewed as a crowning achievement. Instead we spend much time and money trying to hide our age and think it only to be infirmity and approaching death. We should be reveling in what we have learned, sharing it with the younger set and teaching them to prepare for the day. We need to stop living as youth simply because it is a youth culture. The days of "live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse' have passed I hope. When I die I want my body to be as used up as possible from life. Let there be a closed casket at my funeral because my remains are too ghastly, too scarred by age to be viewed by decent people. Or maybe just cremate what's left. I will certainly be done with it.

Friends, being old is good. Think of the things you have experienced and the things you have learned. It has been a rough ride. Now sit back and relax as your roller coaster car rolls into the station. Quit messing with the natural course of things. Only slaves have marked and pierced bodies. Leave it to others.

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