Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Week of Weirdness

It's been an odd week. Aside from the holiday, I have had two people missing at work this week in addition to two we've been trying to replace for 7 months and then I had my melt down night before last as I slept. I am glad to report that I slept well last night. I am also looking forward to dinner with my peeps tonight. That should bring some cheer back to Jeffery's dull life. (I speak of him as if he were not here.)

Actually, I'm hoping that dinner tonight will be the start of something monthly. It should be fun. I will be the only guy. Three women and me. I think we should look to expand the group further. No other guys but me though OK? I want to be the harem eunuch...the odd man out. I usually am that anyway.

I have to go pick up a prescription for Dad here in a few, then I think I will go for a walk. If God is going to talk to me, that's when it usually happens. I need to hear from Him. I'm still feeling a bit lost. The light is getting dim. Going to church tomorrow should help too. Usually does. I am so grateful to have such a place. It has much potential to become even more special than it already is. It has changed much since my youth. It has become much more graceful and open, but there is also a commitment to truth that I dearly love. If you are a Christ seeker, it is a good place to be. It's a place where they will listen as well as advise. This is the part I love. I hope to be teaching again in the fall quarter if it's allowed. My summer off is proving to be fun too though. I've been making new friends. Ya, I thought that was amazing too.

I will try to get a pic or two of tonight's festivities for the blog. I will post it here with permission (or maybe I won't ask). Sometimes it's easier to ask for forgiveness then it is to ask permission.

One final note. I hope Eric and Melissa and Kiley and Tucker got moved to Joplin safely. I'm still not sure why anyone would move to Joplin, but apparently they know why, so may the Lord bless their efforts and their new home.

I'm in one of my "I love everybody" moods today. I never used to have those. The Lord is changing this old man's heart. I will blog you later!

I think I will name our little group this about Jeffery's Angels? No? Oh come on.       

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