Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Aha Moments

We all have them. Sometimes they become turning points in our lives. They usually happen after you think you have everything all figured out, then suddenly you know you don't, and it changes everything. When you have these moments late in life, they can be genuine crisis points, but you can rest knowing that you will not die without grasping and sharing the whole truth.

Those 'aha' moments can bring purpose to the last years of life. Rather than frittering away in front of a TV, letting CNN or Fox dictate your opinions, you can act on what you've learned, and become useful, waking people up to this new knowledge, whatever it is.

The Gary Larson "Far Side" cartoon above illustrates the 'aha' moment concept very well.

The day we become self aware and able to reason and even sense the spiritual movement of things in our environments is a glorious day indeed. It's a bit worrisome too because you know that the time is short. You have a limited time to act on what you know, what you've learned. If you want to change the paradigm for everyone else before you go, you have to act swiftly and maybe even have someone waiting in the wings to finish the job. 'Now' becomes the most important time because there may not be a 'later'. So...to all my friends I would say this..

"Hey, wait a minute! This is grass. We've been eating grass."

That's right. We can do better than that. There's some lovely corn on the other side of the fence and beyond that there is so much more. We just have to reach out and take it. Don't worry about the farmers. We outnumber them and we outweigh them. Let us make their carnivorous behavior a challenge. Contentment is not found in pastures.  

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