Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Only Time I Ever "Looked Gay"

I am not what you would call obvious. You would probably not know I am same sex attracted just by talking to me for a few minutes. Maybe after we got to know each other you would figure it out, but I'm thinking you'd say, "naw, that can't be".

I think the only time I ever looked kind of gay was when I was in a friend's wedding. The bride was my friend who knew of my SSA status and ask me to stand up with her and her hubby in the ceremony. I obviously could not be a bride's maid. Too much equipment. But the groom was kind enough to let me stand with the guys. We all had these white tuxes on. I was the only guy that looked gay. I was the sore thumb.

I'm all ruffly pink and white. Geeze. I think there was only one other time that came close. I bought a powder blue suit for my college graduation and it made me seem a bit...pretty. Anyway, I have been more careful since then.  

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