Friday, March 4, 2016

Makin Shit Happen

There are people whose natural habit it is to make things happen. If they are dissatisfied, they make a change for themselves and sometimes without regard to the people around them, like family, wife or husband. Some will drag everyone in their circles into what they are doing even if it means a trip to the other side of the planet. Others are just naturally changing things up out of curiosity or attention seeking or boredom. It is who they are. They are the ones that show up at work with green hair. You know the ones I'm talking about.

When I was much younger, my Mom worked part time in a grocery store in addition to her full time job. She really liked working at Dahl's because of the wide variety of people she would meet as they checked out. There was one individual that would ride up to the grocery store on his bicycle. He would play a harmonica as he rode his bike and then he would come into the store. To say he was "differently enabled" would be a politically correct assessment. He would come into the store, playing his harmonica and flirt with the women at the service counter. He would also chat up the cashiers, my Mom included. I don't know that his intention was to pick up anyone; he just wanted to spread his particular brand of joy with as many people as possible. Sometimes his intrusions into the store would upset buying customers and they would have to ask him to leave. It seemed unkind, but necessary even though he had really done nothing to actually hurt anyone. His presence, however, provoked discomfort for some. He was a distraction and he enjoyed it. He wore a baseball cap like the one below.
Have you ever been the one that makes shit happen? It's odd to have the urge at my age, but I think I want to be that guy. Why now? You would think that I would be long past that and just want to coast off to heaven. Nope. For some reason, I think life is just beginning to get good...interesting. I want to make it that way for everyone. I want to shock old ladies and make young people get red faced and laugh. I want to upset those in authority. I want them to worry that they are losing control. I want to be the one that they wish they were free enough to be.

How odd.

So buckle your seat belts and get ready or better yet...I will turn off the seat belt sign so you will feel free to move about the cabin. Let's make some shit happen.

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