Sunday, March 6, 2016

It's That time of Year...

We started the spring quarter in Sunday school today at church. I had to work a double shift and it looks like this will continue until June. I am finally teaching Messy Grace by Caleb Kaltenbach. It seemed to go well. Between my two classes I had 38 people. I know this will change. People seem to test drive teachers and their subject matter. A subtle shift will occur in the coming weeks. 38 this week may translate to 45 next week or twelve. Actually, I doubt that last number will happen. There are Groundhog loyalists in my 0800 class that amount to more than that. I had 5 elders in my 1030 class with their wives. I would like to say thanks for your support. The subject matter can be touchy and I appreciate all the participation. I would also like to add a special thanks to Mandy for coming. You seem to be a wise woman. I hope you will continue to occupy a place in the front row.

It got up to 70 degrees here today. It was enough push me to the service desk at Hy Vee to get my 2016 fishing license. I immediately broke it in. I put on my new hat hook and went fishing. I didn't catch anything, but the water looked promising even though it was still very cold. As the spring rains begin to warm the water, I'm sure I will find a bass with my name on it. I hope to be going again soon. Sunday afternoons are perfect for me and this activity. It gives me occasion to sort out the events from the day's worship and also look to the week ahead.

I have to do two things this week. I am supposed to do them every week. You have to do them too if you are a person of faith.

1) Love the Lord God with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength.


2) Love our neighbor as ourselves.

Surprisingly, these things are not as easy as you think. What we have to remember is our over all purpose. We were created to bring glory to God. If we can do that, then we can knock out these two commands. Piece of cake right? Ya right.

Lord I do love you even though it may not seem like it sometimes and I know you love me, even though I may not think so sometimes. Now that I think about it, it's kind of like we are married. I seem to be the weaker partner. So be it. I will try to follow your lead, hoping all the time you are listening to me. I'm not sure at this point why you should listen to me, but I kind of think you do. I will continue to work on our relationship. You're laughing at me aren't you? OK. I can deal with that. I'm a human being that gets laughed at frequently. The preachers said something this morning about You having a sense of humor. I know that's true. Look at all the different kinds of humans you made. You do seem to like variety. Glad I could help with that.

Steve also shared with me an interesting question brought to him by a young nephew. The kid wanted to know if God, who is invisible in our world, is visible in heaven. You might think this sounds like a 'kid' type question, but really it's very deep. I would submit to the young one that God is NOT invisible here. If pressed to prove this, I would try to point out all the people that are doing God's work by glorifying Him and loving their neighbors. As Christians, when we do this, we become the face of Jesus to people and as John tells us, if we have seen Jesus, we have seen the Father.

Now this could be a stretch for some, but is it also the point of the two greatest commandments. We, as believers, are the hands and feet of our heavenly Father. We help to make Him known. That is pretty heavy.

The boy seems to genuinely be seeking God. I'm kind of hoping God reaches out to him and locks him into the faith early. The Lord loves the young ones. We should all be so unjaded, forthright and innocent in our inquiries.

Spring is coming. Soon life will spring from death, beauty will replace corruption and a bass will be on my lure. Bring it Lord. I am ready. Thanks for the Day!        

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