Thursday, February 4, 2016

What If Bernie Is The Nominee?

I don't generally waste much time on Democrat politics, but this campaign season has been interesting. The Democrat race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders has been particularly interesting. When Bernie first reared his ancient head as a potential candidate, I did not think he stood a snow ball's chance of getting any traction. He is not even an official Democrat. He is an independent Socialist that votes with the Democrats in the Senate. Now he is running on the Democrat label. He came within a delegate fraction of taking Iowa earlier this week and who knows? Maybe he did. Irregularities are being claimed on all sides. Now he is going to New Hampshire and he continues to gain ground in polls there. I wonder if the Democrats have considered that he may win the nomination?

Bernie Sanders is the logical next step up from Barrack Obama in the Marxist gradualism of the Democrat Party. Maybe he is the One...or next One as the case may be? Hillary is just too 'late 20th century' for today's progressives and Democrats. She represents what once was, but is no more. Never mind her criminal past, she is just old news. She is uncomfortable in her own skin and uncomfortable with the skin of others. She hates men...I wonder why?... and she hates other Democrats. The nursing home awaits her.

Either one of these will be inconsequential against the establishment favorite...Marco Rubio. Yes, I am still sticking with my prediction. Marco is the one. Whether he will win the big dance in November remains to be seen, but I think he will. Marco was not my candidate, but I still believe he is the real 'One'. Can you say 'President Rubio'?   

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