Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Cruelest Cut of All

This is something that I have never understood. I have heard about it, read about it and even had a friend that did it, but I never understood what drives it.

Did you know there people that cut themselves?

Ya, they do it on purpose. My first thought is that it's a cry for attention, since large numbers of these people are teenagers experiencing the usual adolescent angst. I have to say that I was no stranger to seeking out ways to get attention when I was that age. My motto was that even negative attention was good attention.  There was, however, no attention worth the pain of slicing an arm open with a good old Gillette Super Blue.

I have also been advised that there are adults do this. I do not know if it's a hold over habit from the teen years, but I know it occurs.

The literature on the subject indicates that self mutilation and cutting is not an attention seeking device, but when it happens repeatedly and is brought to the attention of counselors by the self identified victim, one has to wonder. My thought is that there is a real pathology to this and their are the copycat attention seekers.

Let me offer this advice to the attention seekers. Find another way. Create something. Build something. Involve yourself in a relationship. Explore your talents. Try just showing off. It works for me. I'm really good at it and in a self effacing way. Adventures in self butchery will eventually wear thin with those whose attention you are seeking. Try something else. Crying wolf once or twice with new cuts is not the way to go. Any counselor worth their credentials would report you in a minute. Don't end up on the 6th floor at Lutheran Hospital just because you wanted a bit of attention. Just knock it off OK?

You may have real issues. I understand that. Try talking about them with someone you trust. That will get you some attention and you might actually develop a friendship or relationship that does not require the drama of self mutilation. Now if you like the drama, maybe this is the issue? Life is not a television show. Frankly, it is boring most of the time. I have grown to appreciate that in ways you cannot imagine. Boring is good. It's the absence of tragedy.

Go for a walk. Think. Pray. Throw away the razor blades and the anger with mommy and daddy.

If you are a Christian, remember that your body does not belong to you. You gave it to Jesus. Don't abuse it okay? You were bought with a price. You are an expensive and highly valuable human being - even if you're an idiot that cuts themselves for attention - so just knock it off. I think I said that already.

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