Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Coin Toss

The story is that 6 precincts in the Iowa Caucuses were tied on the Democrat side of things. The resolution to this situation here in Iowa is a coin toss. Winner take all.

My opinion is that this is absurd. Why not just let them be tied and go with the running total statewide? I am not a Bernie Sanders supporter by any stretch of the imagination, but I think Bernie got screwed by this methodology. Have you ever done any coin tossing? Try getting 6 straight coin tosses to go your way. It does not happen...unless someone is cheating.

Bernie, I don't like your politics, but you deserve better treatment. I also think you are much more honest about who you really are than your opponent. She is a two faced tool of the bankers and the defense industry. She is part of the War Party in this country that crosses party lines. A vote for Hilly will be a vote for more war.

Bernie, you have to find a way to take her down and send her to prison for her crimes in Libya. Gun running to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is pretty serious. If you do nothing else in the election, you have to take her down. We, as a nation, will be eternally grateful. It will be enough for me to stand and say a few kind words about the socialist from Vermont. Gitt'er Bernie. Take the Bitch down.

Oooo. Did I say that? Oh well. I'm sure that millions of other Americans are thinking the same thing this morning. The difference is that I said it. Send Bill's ball breaker to prison or at least back to her mansion in New York. She can write a memoir and after it comes out, we can have a book burning. This one needs to go. She's toxic. She's bent. She is a spiritual dead end. No inner life. Merely a lust for power and control.

I have to move. American politics is too much for me to deal with. I long for the days of the old Republic. I think I will secede. Wherever I go, the 20 foot circle around me will be sovereign territory. You will need a passport to approach. I will have no immigration problem within my personal space and no one else will have authority. I will be a nation and island to myself. I wonder if I should acquire nukes? They might be useful in the short term. 

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