Sunday, February 21, 2016

I Am Of Two Minds..Or Personalities...Or Something

I can probably chock this up to his Alzheimer's, but I think Dad believes I am two different people and I think this may be my fault.

When I get up in the morning, I usually feel pretty good despite my age and all the other things that are wrong with me. I am in a good mood. I'm ready to go squat at Caribou and crank something out for the blog before work. I think the whole morning mood thing has to do with being able to leave and go somewhere else. It's like I am a prisoner on work release and that might be a subject for another blog post.

Anyway, when I come back from work at night, I do not always feel so good and sometimes my mood just sucks. I am cranky, bitchy and whatever else you can think of because people have been yelling at me all day on the phone.  I get the impression that Dad believes that I am someone else. I even heard him mention this to the dog on Friday night. He said, "I wonder which one it will be", as I walked in the house from the garage.

I must seem like Jekyll and Hyde to him, even so, I should have the same appearance only with a few more wrinkles in my clothes. It's hard to believe I am so different that he actually thinks I am two people. Whatever.

I just wish it would warm up so he can get back to mowing lawn. He needs something to distract him besides me, my alter ego, the TV and the dog. 

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