Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Breaking News From The Onion

There's breaking news from The Onion. Apparently President Obama has already compiled his short list to fill the SCOTUS vacancy left by the death of Antonin Scalia.

WASHINGTON—Moving quickly to begin the process of filling the unexpected vacancy on the Supreme Court bench, President Obama spent much of the weekend compiling a shortlist of gay, transsexual abortion doctors to replace the late Antonin Scalia, White House sources confirmed Monday. “These are all exemplary candidates with strong homosexual values and proven records of performing partial-birth abortions, but am I missing anyone?” Obama reportedly asked himself while reviewing his list of queer, gender-nonconforming, feminist Planned Parenthood employees, all of whom were also said to be black immigrants. “I definitely have enough post-op transsexuals on the list, but it is a little light on pre-op candidates. And I should probably add a cop killer or two on here just to round out my options.” Sources later confirmed that Obama was attempting to rapidly narrow the list down to the single best nominee to submit to the Senate in hopes of wrapping up confirmation hearings before his choice had to leave to attend the Hajj pilgrimage.

Satire is a wonderful thing, but one must wonder how close this is to the mark and how quickly senate Republicans will cave to executive pressure to confirm whoever the happy homo will be. Mitch McConnell lacks the firmness of a tower of gelatin even with the bananas. The other Quisling Republicans in the senate are not much better and will bow to the pressure of their leadership. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz will fly back to Washington to feign opposition prior to folding like a deck of cards.

We live in interesting times.   

If there is anything wrong with the constitution of the United States, it is the section regulating the  US courts. SCOTUS members should not serve life terms and they should not be allowed to create law where none existed before. Still, they do this with great regularity and they go unchallenged. The legislative branch could reign them in. There are several ways in which they could counterbalance the extremism in the judiciary, but they do not do it. They could also reign in executive overreach, but again, they are a lazy bunch, refusing to serve the function for which they were elected. We are living in a functional dictatorship that's being operated by appointees and bureaucrats and rubber stamped by legislators that live in luxury while they entertain unelected influence peddlers, accepting their favors. 

Rome in the 21st Century.

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