Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Weird Week

Work has been strange this week. I knew my boss was coming up from St Louis, but then the feces struck the oscillating wind device. Just as my boss arrived yesterday, two managers from human resources arrived, accompanied by an area security manager.  This does not happen on any regular basis and the combination of these departments seldom bodes well for the operation. When you get HR and security together, someone usually gets fired on Friday. It will be interesting to see what develops.

We have two operations in my building. My boss oversees both of them. We are are what's called a cohab. Two different divisions of the company sharing the same digs is not unusual. Yesterday, the manager of the other operation was placed on vacation while an investigation was completed. I do not know what is being investigated. No one is me. I do know that this man's operation is a money making machine and if there was any way possible, the company would do well to find a way to exonerate him or at least take disciplinary action short of termination.

It's true that he is not always politically correct and sometimes he will cut corners to get the job done. I know he has offended many people in our organization with his directness about what he thinks regarding the company and his employees, but he is very, very good at what he does. He could squeeze a dime out of his last quarter.

It would be a mistake to fire him in my opinion. I guess if my opinion mattered though or I knew what HR and Security knows, I might feel different, but right know I am firmly in his court. I know full well how things can happen based on circumstantial evidence and poor investigatory skills of those that pursue such matters. I have been on the receiving end of such witch hunts and I know they will tie you to the pyre with little proof unless you take action to defend yourself.

The company I work for is big. I mean really big. They regularly eat people for lunch. There is always a steady stream of employees being turned into ex-employees worldwide. There is also a corporate bureaucracy that can only be compared to the US government. The company employs too many people whose job it is to look for trouble where there is none and then make a big deal of it to justify their cushy jobs. My company could create a fortune overnight by putting these people on the street to find honest work. I'm thinking though that work is not what they want to do. They would rather fire productive people and replace them with politically correct rule keepers that produce nothing besides good feelings.

As you can see, I have my own opinions. I would also like to say that if any one from work is reading this, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Brian, if you are reading, and I KNOW you have before, this is my opinion. This is my space to share it. You would do well to leave it alone. I have not named the company or anyone involved in what's happening, so back away from your keyboard and keep your cool.

For the record, this may well be a righteous, well intended investigation involving serious charges that have to be answered. If so, let justice be done. I just have problems with the competence of one of the investigators. This person is more interested in closing cases than seeking truth. My experience with this person is that this person is incompetent. It's unfortunate that incompetent people rise to positions where they have power over the lives of others, but it happens all too frequently. Washington DC is an example of that.

If justice is done in this case, I will retract the things I have said here. I suspect I will not have to retract anything.    

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