Saturday, January 16, 2016

Yes, I will

For those concerned, I will be teaching Caleb Kaltenbach's "Messy Grace" in the spring quarter at church. The wrestling match is over and as usual, I lost. God remains undefeated. I do not know why I even try to challenge Him. If all else fails, He breaks my heart into a million pieces and says, There are you gonna deal with that?" You would think I would have learned by now (as I sit here in my truck in the Hy Vee parking lot crying) that you cannot challenge the living God and expect anything but His will to come out of it.

So I will start by writing a few lessons, getting my head right and trying to anticipate questions and comments that I might not otherwise expect. I will prepare my self to love the unlovable and care for the broken. I will be obedient and love God and my neighbor.

Lord, I hope you are going to support me. You know that things sometimes things come out of my mouth that are offensive to some. I know that sometimes offense causes thought and thought can bring surrender and submission to Your will. Perhaps you can use my failed articulations in that manner. So, along with opening my heart and soul to your truths, you might consider preparing those that you know will attend. A little cultivation prior to planting never hurts the crops. I want this to be an open forum Lord where people will not be afraid to speak there minds and discuss the relevant issues in an open honest way. I hope that is your goal too. I guess we will find out. This needs to be your undertaking more than mine Lord, so I will need your guidance in showing me where and where not to go. My personal thought is to overturn every stone in the yard, exposing what is beneath to Your light. If that is like taking an ax to a sapling, then show me a better way. I will listen for Your voice as carefully as I can, but You might have to yell to get my attention. You know how I am. It can be hard to break my concentration, especially when I think I am right.

Lord, I love you and if there are only 3 or 4 of us, I will do this. Ministry is ministry, even if it's only one on one. Some of the best ministry I have experienced has come from Your servants in a one on one situation. I thank You for them all. You have done well to put them in my way. It's time to go do something productive now. Jesus, in Your Name I pray these things...Amen 

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