Friday, January 29, 2016

The Schumann Resonance

Did you know our planet has a "heartbeat" of sorts - a frequency that has been constant for tens of thousands of years? That frequency was discovered by Mr. Schumann to be 7.83 cycles per second. It has remained at this constant since it's discovery, then something weird happened in 1980. It began to increase. Some people think that this increase is due to our expanding universe, and further, that time itself is actually passing more quickly than it once did. Others see an interesting possibility in the ever increasing frequency of our planet. There is this from The Esoteric Metaphysical Spiritual Database 

"Scientists discovered many years ago that the earth gives off a pulse. This pulse or frequency which has been likened to a heartbeat has been stable at approximately 7.8 cycles per second for thousands of years. However, since around the year 1980 the earth’s heartbeat began to speed up. The most incredible thing is some scientists believe the earth will actually stop rotating when this pulse reaches 13 cycles per second. When the earth stops rotating on its axis it is believed that it will remain still for around 3 days and then start spinning in the other direction. This will cause a reversal in the magnetic field around the earth but what will happen after this point is unclear. At this point you are thinking one of two things. Either you are thinking this sounds pretty amazing or you simply cannot believe it. I’m kind of in the middle myself, I think it’s hard to believe but I’m prepared to keep an open mind. Since I have become interested in spirituality I have seen wonderful things happen in my life and because of this I believe almost anything is possible."

So, suppose for a minute that the rotation of the earth did stop for three days. What would happen? Would not the dark side freeze up and the light side burn up? I'm just thinking out loud here, but would this not be an ELE - extinction level event? Suppose the powers that be (TPTB) are aware this will happen in the near future? They cannot plan for this, except on a small scale. They cannot save the masses, so they will probably save themselves in order to restart civilization. This would be an incredible opportunity for them. I they can preserve the present knowledge database, they would be able to run their new civilization with robots and computers and very few others would be necessary. It would be a breakaway civilization of sorts and could represent a quantum leap in human advancement.

Interesting. We will need very deep shelters to survive 3 days of cold or burning heat. If we prepare now, we could give the TPTB quite a start on day 4. Might be fun. Then again, if Jesus came back on day 4, all bets would be off. The new earth would be His and we would be His people. That could be the real plan. TPTB would get neutered in an instant. Here's to hoping it works out that way.

Time to build a new basement (:^ )))))))))))))))))))))))  

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