Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Quality of My Mercy is Strained

You know how some former tobacco users become anti tobacco nazis?

My current situation is similar. In just a few short weeks, I have gone from being the most severe closet case to believing that everyone I know that is in the closet should come out.

Is this unfair? Ya, probably, but in that short time, I have come to believe that the "closet" effects everything else in one's life. It colors it in very negative ways. It can turn you into a liar, a manipulator, a hypocrite to the things you believe and it functions as an involuntary lens through which you are forced to view all of your life. If you are looking at life through the keyhole of the closet door, it is bound to give you a bent world view and if you are a Christian, I KNOW it gives you a bent faith view.

If you are out there and in a closet that you have built, I urge you to leave it. I do not care if you have been faking it with a family, wearing a wife like a beard or dating like mad to appear straight. Get it out. You will feel better in the end. If you have a family, they will appreciate the honesty and understand you better than they once did. They will most likely still love you too. The best part is, you will be able to change all those things you had to keep in place because of the closet door. You can let them go. You will not have to manipulate conversations to draw attention away from yourself and toward others. No more pretending.

At the very least, let me advise that you find someone to confide in that you trust so that you have some accountability. This should not be a fellow traveler. It needs to be a straight person. You need perspective.

Ya, I think I know everything now. But how is that different from before? Get yourself where I am at and we will talk.      


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