Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Last Debate

Let me say at the outset that I am not going to caucus or vote for Donald Trump. I will say this though. I admire his courage and his strategic manipulation of the establishment media. He stands as Reagan in 1980 before the quagmire of the Iowa caucuses and refuses to participate in the last media circus (debate) and even possibly lose here rather than be manipulated and framed by the establishment media in an irrelevant debate. President Reagan did lose in Iowa and he did refuse to participate in the last debate in 1980. He lost to Bush 1, but he went on to take the nation in an electoral landslide. It was a brilliant ploy and here and now The Donald has done it again. There is no shame in losing in Iowa and there is no virtue in winning. Indeed, many Iowa caucus winners have gone on to the dust bin of history, relegated to ignominy.

Trump is not smart like a fox. He is smarter than a FOX. He refuses to allow network talking heads define for us what conservative and liberal mean in our times. Neocons and business elites are scared to death right now that the American electoral system may actually work this time and give us a popularly elected president rather than media elected or one appointed by business interests as the least worst choice.

As a Libertarian, there is no one that I can support and despite whatever Trump's intentions are, he will be crushed by a congress that is tightly controlled by neocons and socialists that share many of the same goals. My thought is revolution and not election. The cupboard must be emptied. All the cups are filthy and cracked. It's time for some new china. Let the Empire fall and the Republic rise again from the ashes. I could say more. Maybe I will. It's going to be a long journey to the first Tuesday in November of 2016. I hope it ends well. Maybe at least we can get the Bolsheviks out of Washington DC.

Sometimes you win a debate by just not showing up.

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