Monday, January 4, 2016

The Dark Side

I can't seem to shake it. It's going to dog me until I'm dead. I really hate that. There seems to be several levels of ME at war this morning. No one is winning. I need some divine intervention. I am, at this moment, indignant, angry and hateful. I think I need something to eat.

What I said yesterday in this blog is part of that war. I will not tell you to ignore it. It has been said.

I have already deleted two blog posts this morning because of the battle going on inside me.

There was some regret after I wrote them and clicked 'publish' so maybe there is some hope for resolution here.

I am going to need some time to work this out. I am angry at someone. I don't often feel that way. I have to stop writing or I am going to have to delete this one too.

If you want to put me on your prayer list, that would be good.

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