Friday, January 1, 2016

I'm Taller Don't Ya Know

Well I went to bed at 8:37 PM last night and I woke up 11 hours later only to discover that my calendar had expired. Then when I logged on to GOOGLE this morning, the egg which was 2016 on their logo yesterday had hatched. At first it was a mallard duck, then it changed to a crocodile and then a stack of turtles. I suppose that somehow this is significant in that even GOOGLE does not know what lies ahead in the new year.

 Happy New Year from Google!

I bet they have a better idea than I do, but that might sound conspiratorial and I'm trying to cut down on that stuff. That probably won't happen though. I sense conspiracy everywhere, the original planner being our adversary that roams the earth seeking whom he can devour. He is always hungry. He makes shit happen...if you'll excuse the expression.

It's was a tough work week. I did some 12 and 14 hour days because I'm a nice guy and gave everyone the week off (and I needed to cut some hours as business slows way down the week after Christmas - it was my personal conspiracy). Long work days are not as easy as they used to be. I am not a young man anymore. Four hours of sleep a day no longer works so well, so last night's rest was much needed. What I find is, that if I don't get enough sleep, I get depressed and cranky. No one wants that. I can be a bit snippy when that happens. I feel pretty good this morning though. I just lack motivation. Getting the first cup of coffee down will help.  I have a BOGO coupon for Caribou. I may go over and complete my caffeine buzz there.

I was thinking about where I was at last year at this time in terms of spiritual and mental growth. I was blogging like a mad man in 2015 and someone told me to cool it in a blog comment. I think I responded that I could not stop and that it was all going come out this year if it killed me. That was a rough paraphrase.

I think I achieved my purpose. I did not die, but it was close. Y'all know way more about me now than you ever wanted to know and I apologize for that, but it just had to come out. I could not conceal the truth anymore. For some of you, I know that's been a problem, but you will get over it. I did. Trust me please. It's better this way.

I feel completely different. I feel free. I feel more saved than I have ever felt before. It's the way I should have felt back in 1974 after I was baptized in a little church in Joplin, Missouri. My growth has been stunted for a very long time, but not anymore. There were no less than 4 people that asked me if I had gotten taller at the family Christmas celebration. These were people that had not seen me since last year. I am 58 years old. It's doubtful I will be growing any direction other than sideways at 58. Nonetheless I am exuding the impression that I am taller. How does this happen?

It's my soul. If It gets much taller, it's not going to fit in my body anymore. That's OK. My body is worn out anyway.

So here's to a new year. More growth. Longer pants cuz I'm so dang tall. And a better vision of where Jesus wants me to go.        

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