Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Duck Walk

Maybe you haven't noticed, but when we reach a certain age, we start to walk like ducks. What in the Sam Hill is that about?

I do not think I'm doing it yet, but you would say something if I was walking like a duck right?

Is it arthritis that brings this on? I used to think it was about weight. You see fat people that have to move one leg out and around the other to walk properly, but I also see senior citizens doing the duck walk that are not X-sized and I cannot figure out why they do that.

My 79 year old father seems exempt from this. He walks more like the Tim Conway 'old guy' character from the Carol Burnett show. He also looks like a question mark if you get a side profile of him on the move, and I use the term "move" very loosely. When he climbs into my Toyota, it's like watching a three toed sloth climb a tree.

I understand the slow part. It comes with age. But the duck walk puzzles me. Next time you are in a public place, watch the senior citizens and that you tell me what it's about. Maybe it's meds. It baffles me.  

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