Friday, December 11, 2015

Shame of The Season To You Too

You know, all you have to do is express a not so positive opinion about something that everyone else likes and immediately you are deluged with shamers that want to manipulate you in to joining the group think of whatever it is.

Such was the case with my admission about my hatred of Christmas. Seasonal Effective Disorder not withstanding, am I not entitled to my opinion? I received an email from an elder of my church that was seeking to manipulate my seasonal attitude with every Christian's favorite weapon - guilt.

I refuse to participate. In this age of global climate change where it is 55 degrees on December 11, I think I should be free not to join the festivities.  While you are all being manipulated by consumerism and the hypocrisy of being nicer than normal, i.e. not yourself, I will be keeping on keeping on, a tower of consistency and moderation. 

There are those that will resort to Christmas warfare, buying unsought gifts for their favorite Christmas curmudgeon in the hope of inducing some gift giving frenzy and change of attitude. This does not work with me. Do not go there. You will walk away feeling empty and ungreeted in the proper seasonal fashion and, of course, you will blame me because you feel bad.


For the uninitiated, that's "not my problem". It is yours.

So, in the spirit of the season, let just say, "Be warmed and filled. Go thy way and sin no more". Now don't you feel better?

Seriously. Stop the Christmas shaming. It's what liberals do when they want your money for some government program that helps no one.

Where is January when I need it?      

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