Monday, December 7, 2015

Ministry To Same Sex Attracted People

One of the things, maybe the thing, that everyone had hoped would come out of my coming out was ministry to same sex attracted people. I know that it's only been a short time since these events, but what I am finding is that any ministry, at least early on, is going to be all the straight folks that have gay or same sex attracted people in their lives, be they sons or daughters, husbands or wives or what ever other combination you care to mention.

I have already been approached by two concerned people that want to talk. I do not yet know what their situation is or who it is that they would like to talk about. I know that both of these people are women that have families and husbands and children. If they are reading today, we need to set up a time to talk. Maybe I will call you here this week sometime.

I will say this to you now. There are no magic bullets that will "cure" the situation. Whatever is happening will take time to play out and you may not like the immediate result, but you need to take the long view in all this. It's hard to do that, but it is what God does with all of us. When He wants to save someone, He will use time, life events and even a person's psychological framework to pull them back into His family. Even if there is no behavior, the person dealing with it may not have a submissive attitude that God can work with. Time is the biggest factor here. When God is breaking someone, it takes time. I will tell you from personal experience as one of His most stubborn cases, that His methods are effective.

I know I have said this before, but my immediate advice to you is to pray and to love whoever it is. If it's you, it's imperative that you learn to love and respect yourself. Whether you know it or not, you belong to God and He loves you despite whatever you may think about His "oppressive restrictions". If it is another in your life, then offer them the same advice. Become Jesus to them. 

So hang in there. God is for us. Who can possibly be against us? Psalm 27

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