Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Christmas Report

Well, it was good to see Dad's side of the family on Friday. All seemed to be well, or at the very least, much better than it was in November for them. We went to Alison and Hal's, which was a change, for the usual Spaghetti dinner. Aunt Mel had hip surgery. She seems to be recovering in good fashion and she was glad to see me. Maybe it was the pain meds, but when people are glad to see me, I will take it, drug induced or otherwise. :^) All kidding aside, she seems to be recovering well. Her progress is encouraging. Praise the Lord for that!

Uncle Dick made the spaghetti sauce. It was excellent. There was a choice of regular and spicy. I had some of both. They were of excellent quality. Two plates full for me and many others. The meat balls and Italian sausage were excellent too. Special thanks to Hal for helping to boil the pasta. It was as it is supposed to be - aldente! And thanks Alison for the bread and salad.

Many cousins and 2nd cousins were present. Scott and Kim and Alison and Hal have certainly learned their multiplication tables. They have more than made up for my lack of offspring. The gene pool is safe in their hands or wherever it is.

Kinsey and Stephen (hope I spelled correctly) were back from the UK. I should say that Kinsey was back. Stephen was visiting. His home is in the Mother Country. They both seem terminally happy. It must be a magical land. I will have to go over and visit some day. Maybe I can take a ferry over after I visit the Emerald Isle. Not to put too fine a point on it, but we all know there would be no England or western Europe without the Celts. If it were not for the interruption of those Vikings, all the world would be Irish by now. But I digress.

To Jeremy and Leanne and Kim and Neal, I bid you a delayed Merry Christmas. I know how much Kim must be missing me by now. We have not seen each other in years. She probably thinks I'm dead or in a nursing home. All things in good time.  

Anyway, now that I know the world is in the safe hands of my younger cousins and second cousins,
I guess I can die. I keep thinking there is something else I have to do before I can be excused. That remains to be seen, but thanks family for a good time and good food yesterday. Glad you got to see me!

I am so funny.

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