Friday, December 18, 2015


When I was a teenager I figured out that I would be 43 years old in the year 2000. When I was 20, I did not think I would live past 30. When I was 30, I was moving air freight and not thinking about anything else. When I hit 43 I thought, "well, I made it after all". Now that I'm 58, it's going to be 2016. In a couple of weeks we will be 15 years into the new millennium.

I have to say that I am pumped. I know I'm on the down hill side of life here, but I am excited about the remaining future. Transition lies ahead for me. I think I will have something useful to do, whether I am working or retired. I want to grab the last bits of life here before the last transition and leave a mark that will take awhile to fade away. I have hope for now and eternity. Let's do this 2016 thing. I am ready.

No resolutions. No promises. No oaths. Just life lived day by day in victory. This is my goal and my challenge and I never set goals people!

I am a bit disappointed that there are no flying cars yet, but we do have drones, so I am even hopeful about that.

The sun is shining and the Son is Shining. I see no downside to this global climate change thing. The West is collapsing and I do not care. Something better may rise out of the ashes.

And friends, if Jesus comes back, all bets are off. That would be the best of all possible outcomes.

What are you thinking about next year?   

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