Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Prayer for Tomorrow

Lord, I know I always need your help, but tomorrow is a pretty big deal. It could be the beginning of many good things, so I am going to ask you for your intercession.

1. Please open the minds, hearts and spirits of my Sunday school class with Your Spirit. Please help them to see how transparency in our lives with each other could be more than beneficial. It could bring spiritual purity to many that are hiding and in sin or trouble of some sort. Help them to see ministry and not discomfort and embarrassment. Help them to see healing and not shame. Cause them to look to the future of your church and show them Your hand in these things.

2. Lord, I would also ask that you invigorate my spirit. You know I have been having some major mood swings and it is not helping this process. Please bring healing to my mind and my spirit. If it's a brain chemistry issue, please give me some healing. If there is any indication that our common enemy is involved in that, please remove his influence from our presence. Send your angels to encircle us and protect us from his attacks and rebuke his interruptions.

3. Lord, please help me with what to say. You have done it so many times before. Please do so again. Help me to be gentle and meek and not angry and self righteous. Help me to love. You know that's not my strong suit. Let's consider tomorrow as practice for bigger and better things.

4. Lord please bless and guide the leadership of our church and most especially those that will be present. Please invigorate their spirits to speak for You as necessary at any point in the discussion.

5. Lastly Lord, thanks for getting me this far. Last night was really bad. This is just not my favorite time of year. Way too much darkness for me. Also, I am still craving reassurance that this is what you really want. I have a concern that I am doing this just for me; so I will feel better. I probably will feel better, but I want to be sure my priorities are in line with Yours. We are also going to need to know where to go with this after. Is that up to us or do you have something in mind? Please show us what that may be.

Thanks Lord. In your name I Pray, Amen  

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