Thursday, November 26, 2015


Lord, you have been the God of my fathers; the God of Will and Charles, the God of Lloyd and Charlie and the God of Dennis, and you are my Lord and my God.

I thank you and praise your name for the wonder that has been my life. You have been with me from the beginning, saving me from myself, from the evil one and others with evil intent. You have fed an clothed me. You have put a roof over my head. You have made sure I could find employment to support myself.

Most importantly, you have saved me from damnation and from the corruption of my own flesh. What more could anyone want in a God? Your power in my life inspires holy fear and a love for You that will never die. You are mine and I am yours.

In this hour, I would ask for your continued attention to the details. Lord, please finish the work that you have begun in me and in so doing, please give me a good finish. I do not know what is left for me. I am not a young man (and thanks for getting me this far). Please show me the path. Let me see your footprints. Help me to find the last door, the one that leads to You. I long to see you face to face, knowing as I am known. That will be a grand and glorious day.

Lord Jesus, thanks for all these things.

Your Servant


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