Saturday, November 14, 2015

News Of The Week In Review

I have been reflecting on the events of the past week and I am so thankful for all the amazing people in my life that love me. Some of them even like me. Sometimes you don't get both you know.

God is moving. He is bringing me healing. He is getting me ready to go home. I did ask Him for that some time ago. The loose ends are being tied up, the kinks are getting ironed out and I just may be a complete man when I see Jesus' smiling face on that first day in Paradise. I don't think there is much here that I will miss when the time comes to go home. I also think that we do not understand what living really is. Eternity with the Creator is not going to be boring by any stretch of the imagination.

Family, friends and church are gathering around me. God is coming alongside me. It's the perfect place to be if you're on earth. What lies ahead here for me is a blur right now. I do not know where He is taking me. The mystery and uncertainty are both thrilling and daunting. It might just be that I die. It might be that I go on to serve in some capacity beyond what I am already doing or maybe it will be just maintaining the current situation until I am done. At this point, I don't care. I am just going to enjoy the peace.

I'm still not much good at anything useful beyond maybe teaching. This I can do. I really want to quit my job at the airport. I need some time to get things together. I need to sell my house and shed myself of all the material burdens. I want to be free. It's hard to do that when you are a slave to stuff if you know what I mean. I also have responsibilities to Dad that would be better served by quitting full time work. I had initially planned to retire in March of 2017. I need to think about moving that up.

A guy needs to be ready to go at a moments notice.

There are still some things that could go wrong with the short term situation. There should be resolution one way or another by the end of November. Whatever happens, I remain fluid. If God does not want this in its present form, I will be OK with it. He has already relieved me of the load. Perhaps that was His only which case I say, Lord I love you and thanks. I was kind of tired anyway. 

I'm getting a bit long in the tooth to be considering a new adventure. Sometimes it's best just to stay on the porch and let the younger ones do it. I'm all for that. Did I mention I'm tired?

See ya in church.

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