Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I'm Not Sure I can Go On...

I suppose it was just a matter of time. It was going to happen sooner than later and I probably should have already addressed this last week when it happened. I was just so shocked by the whole thing, but really, should I have been? You think you know someone. You think they are your good and trusted friend and then with one phone call they turn on you. How can this sort of thing happen?

Last week, my allegedly "good friend"  and pastor who we will call "Steve" "Bob", said that my dog was ugly. There are many things that you can say to another man and get away with it, but this is akin to telling someone their baby is ugly.

I am so hurt. I am bereft of life's vigor and joy. That someone I regarded as a friend would say to me, "your dog is ugly" leaves me nonplussed.

Do you think my dog is ugly?

 How could you not love this animal. What kind of person says such things? I think I deserve an apology. I suppose I could be over reacting, but it's also possible that Steve Bob does not know cute, huggable and lovable when he sees it. And just so you recognize Steve Bob when you see him...I have added his photo here too.

I'm thinking he's jealous. He does not have Oliver the Wonder Dog. He wants one.

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