Friday, November 6, 2015

Do You Love 'Em Even When They're Dirty?

I am assuming most of you had children at one time or another; maybe even now they are in your house. Those that don't probably have nieces and nephews or young cousins.

Did they ever come up to the house after a long day of playing covered in dirt, clothes maybe torn and grass stained, with maybe some blood or a small wound that needed attention? Did you let them in the house anyway? Did you love them, even though they were dirty and wounded because they were yours? Did you bring them in the house and help clean them up; make them a presentable member of the family again? You know why you did that right?

Christian - this is what God does for us and a billion others every single day of every single year since the day the blood of His Son flowed on that cross for us. He brings us back into His House and cleans us up and helps us heal so we will be ready for another day of play. He loved us when we were still dirty and wounded and He loves us now. He also knows we will get wounded and dirty again and He needs the more mature members of His family to help teach the others not to get so dirty and to be more careful.

This is to be at least part of our life in God's Kingdom - the Church.

He also has other dirty and wounded children out there that have no family to bring them inside to clean them up. They need to be adopted and brought into His house. He wants us to bring them in and love them; teach them how to be clean and why they should even care about such things. We have family we do not even know about...yet.

So the next time your brat comes to the house covered in filth, think about that and help him get cleaned up.     

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