Sunday, November 29, 2015

11/29/2015 At Church

Well, it's over. No negatives were expressed, at least to my face. I am sure that there are many, however, that had problems with it. It does strain credulity that a healthy man could remain celibate for 36 years. When you consider that for most of that time I hated myself and did not think anyone would want me anyway, then it becomes easier to see how I made it through those times.  If I were on the other side of this, I would be suspicious too I suppose. That's OK. I can deal with the doubt, but I can tell you, that with the Lord's help, I did this.

There were heads shaking in the 'no' direction out in the cheap seats. It's unfortunate that some have closed their minds and hearts to this. Again, I understand. My mind was closed to the idea once. I wanted to tell no one. I hated this part of myself. It made me angry at myself, at God and at Christians in general.

My thought now though is that God does not make junk. I was worth His Son's life. He loves me and if God can love me, then who am I to hate myself? I am a child of the Living God. No one or no thing can stand in the way of that except me. I will no longer let that happen and I will see you in heaven, so don't be saying, 'what are you doing here?'.

I think maybe the hardest concept for people to wrap their minds around is that just because you have the desire to do a thing, it does not mean you have to. I think this is because most people customarily indulge their desire and think about forgiveness later.

Do I sound like I am judging or is this an accurate picture of humanity, even those of us that are called saved?

If you were there today and this thing that I did is bothering you, have a little courage. Talk to me. Neither one of us is perfect. If you want to cast the first stone, bring it on. If you want to have some peaceful dialogue, I am really up for that. Lose the fear brother and lets talk.

I love ya'll.

The link to the video of the church service is below. The sermon starts at about 27:10. You really need the context of the sermon to appreciate the interview. Steve Rowland is a good preacher. Even if you disagree with him, I think you will like his style. If you don't want to sit through the sermon (not recommended), the introduction to the interview starts at around 49:35. After watching it, I think I looked and sounded kind of boring. I'm really at my best in Sunday school at 0800. There is also the fact that I was as nervous as a homo in church. Did I say that? Sorry. It's worth your time though. I'm just glad this part is over.

See ya in church!

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