Monday, October 12, 2015

Life in the Slow Lane

Just some random thoughts from the last two days.

I've been enjoying my time off. Next Monday it will be back to work though. I am not looking forward to it. I think it might be time for me to pack it in and find something that takes less out of my day. I have things I would rather be doing and who knows how much time left to do them.

Going fishing for a while again this morning.

Sunday was fun. I got to teach two different classes. My regular 8:00 class was enjoyable as always. Then, after church, I taught another class. I thought it went well despite the fact that many showed late and some did not show at all. I guess they thought the substitute would not be worth the trip. I understand that mindset, nonetheless, many came and we had discussion. It's tough to get people to talk and think when they are used to being spoon fed. How to get people out of that pattern is a challenge. There are some teachers that do not like a lot of discussion. Their approach is to say, "here is what you should think. Please do not depart from it and you will be all right." For myself, I like to challenge the class to think; to talk about their spiritual journeys, the victories and the not so victorious moments. This kind of thing brings healing to the soul and creates a kind of purposeful, practical kind of fellowship within the body. A liver cleanse for the soul. If you don't know what that is, that's OK. Just consider it an enema for your liver. I will not say more.... You are welcome! 

Teaching someone else's class is like riding someone else's bicycle. It takes some getting used to. You have to learn the quirks of the bike and you have to be more prepared for surprises. I imagine the class felt the same way about their replacement teacher. I did very much enjoy doing it though. It was a new group of people that really don't know me all that well and so it was a good interaction in that sense.

Church was very good yesterday. There was a girl that recited the entire 12th chapter of Romans. I admire her discipline. We will need people like that when the Bible is illegal. The best part is that she recited it in such a way that you could capture the meaning of Paul's words. It was not boring.

The sermon was excellent. We are fortunate to have a Spirit driven preacher that is not above educating us or rethinking old patterns of belief. He is refreshing to listen to. I look forward to hearing more about not conforming to the world and being transformed. This is what the Church in general needs. Transformation. We are coming into a new age in the outside world that will not tolerate us. We will need to change, to transform our approach to survive the coming persecution. Church as usual will not be in the offing. I know Paul was talking more about transformation of our individual spiritual characters, but really, so am I. I could go on about this, but I want to go fishing now. Try to have a good Monday.     

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