Thursday, October 1, 2015

It's Thursday

I suppose you already knew that. I wish it was Friday at about 8 PM. If it was, I would be ramping up to two weeks off. It will eat up the last of my vacation if all goes well. There are things at work that could interrupt it. Office workers that do not play well together when the boss is away. New business. Old business. And so it goes. This is my life.

I want to get some fishing in before winter. I don't need a lot, unless of course I do, in which case I will. I want to wrap up the yard work which I ignored all summer. I want to get Dad's lawnmower running for the few last mows. And I need to study and write in further preparation for the Storm that I sense is coming. I can't elaborate on that. My sky may clear. My personal weather becalmed. I hope so. The Lord of personal storms is with me. Whom shall I fear?

I have a sense of anticipation for some reason. Something good is going to happen. It may not be for me; that too remains to be seen. I am, as my friend Gary says, morose, having a sullen and gloomy disposition. This too will pass. It is being worked out, probably in more writing here.

Despite my morosity, I will be victorious. My spirit is currently under guard. He is with me. What more can I say. I need to go to work.

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