Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I'm Just a Tad Cranky

I remember when there were no mobile (cell) phones. Those were good times. You had one unit that was hard wired to the wall in your house. If you were home, you answered it and it was always a real person that cared about you. There were no robocalls from politicians, storm window salesmen or mortgage vendors. But alas, the good old days are gone. Now we can be reached anywhere, any time for any reason or for no reason because we always have a phone with us. It is really annoying.

There needs to be a code of conduct. If you are driving, you must use an ear piece or be able to take calls from the radio unit in your vehicle. This morning as I was pulling out of Caribou Coffee in Pleasant Hill and a woman in her van was pulling in; the back seat was filled with yuppy larvae, and she had her phone pressed between her shoulder and ear. She was unable to turn the steering wheel quickly enough to negotiate the turn and not hit me, so she came to a complete stop to get her wheels turned, cranking with one arm. She was almost rear ended by the person behind her and she almost hit me and it was all because she had to be on the phone.

Age has been good to me. It has made me much more patient. I did not give her the universal love sign. I did not stop, get out of my truck and tell her how stupid she was. I did not smack the livin' $h!T out of her. I did not respond at all. The day will come when she will not be so fortunate. She will either be involved in an accident or someone will get out of their vehicle and share their mindset with her. I hope they are not armed. She needs to think about her kids and stop talking to her sister about how horrible her husband is.

We need phone discipline people. Whatever it is can wait until you are stopped. There is nothing that pressing!

OK. I'm, done with that now. Thanks for reading!

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