Sunday, October 18, 2015

I Can't Quit

About 5 minutes after I said I was signing off for awhile, I began to feel bad. I think I may have some kind of electronics addiction. Whatever it was, I am feeling better now, but it was almost like someone had died this morning when I got out of bed. I was seriously depressed, crabby and sad and I wanted to cry.

I know. Why should today be any different? Right?

Seriously though, I feel much better.

Going to church helped immensely. The fellowship of the two Classes I taught today and the uplifting service did much to raise my mood. Maybe it was just seeing and sharing with friends, but I do feel better now. I am also blogging again so the combination of the two should be enough for me to be ready to go back to work tomorrow.

There will be some people that will be PO'd too. I just decoupled the blog from Google+ and so they will have to find me all over again. I apologize, but I think Google+ was skewing my numbers. If I lose page views after dumping them, I will know for sure. I was getting page views from Linux operating systems. These are usually corporate or government computers. They would sweep the blog posts with their scan. At 0700 in the AM, I would get 40 page views all at once. It was just weird. I do not know who would do this or why, but I hope that dumping Google+ will help that. Blogger is also a Google platform, so the issue may persist. We will see. I may have to move the blog.

Anyway, for good or ill, I am back. Can't seem to quit. It's like nicotine addiction with less deleterious effects. I just can't quit. 

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