Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Why Me?

I like to check the blog stats from time. I think it's interesting to see who is watching. I have about 11 core readers, but I get page views from all over the world. I would guess that the search words they use in their search engine match up with something in a blog post title and they end up here. I do not know if they stay or read much, but they are coming here. Sometimes the visitors are from strange places. Today I perused some of the 'referring site' statistics and here is some of what came up below.

Do you see anything weird or sort of out of place? I swear that I have never been in prison or even a gang member let alone a prison gang member. I would not join any club that would have me as a member. I think I need to be more careful with the blog post titles.

Click on the link. They are an interesting bunch.   

Referring Sites




Now I'm scared :^(

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