Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Prayer

Lord, thanks for taking care of me. Who would want that job besides you? It's been a long strange trip and so far, the last part of the ride has been the best. It's certainly been the most challenging and interesting. I sense that it will be over soon. I am good with that. If that's not correct, I am good with that too. Doesn't really matter though, does it? We all gotta do whatever it is we do. Anyway, thanks for taking care of me; seeing to my physical needs and teaching me. I know there is still some stuff to learn, some wisdom to gain. I'm all yours. Sometimes I have the attention span of a gnat. I appreciate your patience.

Lord, please take care of Dad today. Help him to think, to focus, to pay attention and to remember as much as is possible given his situation. Thanks for what you have done for him to this point.

Lord thanks for my church. Please guide the leadership and staff at church. Help them to lead us in ways you would have us go. Cause them to think about the future of your Kingdom and the things that need to be done within it and also what we should be doing outside the gates.

Please also continue to guide me and my Sunday school class in the study of your life on earth and the things you taught. Help us to see you Lord in the pages of the gospels and come to know you as the friend that you are. We spend much time on the doctrinal and mechanical side of our faith and I don't think we spend nearly enough time getting to know you and keeping you at the center of our lives. Thanks for the class Lord. I love it.

Lord, thanks for your love and your grace and your kindness to me. I will never forget your kindness and the hope that you bring to my life. Please help me to realize that hope Lord. Let me enjoy your grace and your forgiveness when I fail and help me to remain humble in the victories when they come. I know I am nothing without you and that any success I enjoy is because you are my Lord and my God.

Please take care of my friends far and near and thank you Lord for them. Bless them and their families and see them all safely home on the great and terrible Day.

In your Name


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