Thursday, September 17, 2015

I Hate Going to the Doctor

I visited my health care provider yesterday, mostly because I needed my blood pressure prescription. It became a complete physical and a trip to the hospital for x-rays of my neck. This is why I hate going to the doctor. All life stops until all possibilities have been exhausted. The other thing I got yesterday was a new prescription. I have not decided whether I will use it. Statins are quirky meds. There a many negative reviews of their effects from sore joints to memory loss to hardening of the arteries. It worries me. I was assured by my doctor that only 25% of the people that take statins get sore joints. I already have sore joints. My neck vertebrae are a mess, hence the x-rays.

Anyway, I hate going to the doctor. It's true that I need to stay alive long enough to see Dad home to his reward, but beyond that, I'm not sure more life is worth it. It's been my observation that the last 10 years are kind of crappy regardless of health (if the lives of others around me are any kind of proper sampling).

Anyway, I asked the doctor if we could wait on the statins until my new blood tests came back. He said, "no, you're overweight and and your last test rendered a LDL of 156, you need to be on a statin".

When people, not just doctors, talk to me like that, the specter of rebellion rises. As a Christian, I know one thing. Rebellion brings death, maybe not in the short term, but definitely in the long term. I need to stay alive awhile longer. I still have stuff to do. When I'm not needed anymore, that will be the time to throw away the modern medical miracles. I never understood why people try so hard to stay here anyway. It is a silly place.

My meds are mail order. I should have the Lipitor in 5 days. I've got some time to think about this. I really do not want to take another pill if I don't have to...but maybe I have to.     

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