Friday, August 28, 2015


Invasion. I think there is no other name for it. It's happening in Europe. It's happening in North America and it is purposeful, intentional and by our own hand. It is our own government that has caused this and it is by their support that it continues and will continue into the future. It is a political and financial weapon being wielded by the one percent that control 99 per cent of the wealth. It is a war crime of unprecedented magnitude against the Caucasian race in North America and Europe.

For Europe, it is US foreign policy in the middle east and North Africa that has been the cause of the problem. Particular to the problem are the private wars of Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Barack Obama in Libya and Syria. This has driven tens of thousands of people from their homelands in search of safety, work and survival to Europe in search of a social safety net that can help them in their time of need. It is difficult to blame the immigrants for this. It can only be put at the feet of foreign politicians and their ceaseless meddling in the affairs of other formerly sovereign nations.

In North American, the situation is somewhat different, but it is still the result of political chicanery in Washington. Millions of immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America are currently pouring across our borders to the south. Most are undocumented, meaning that the government does not know they are officially here, yet they take jobs, use our public schools and public services as if they are citizens of the United States. Again it's hard to blame the immigrants for wanting to improve their lives, but why do they come here to do it?  The answer to that seems to be, because they can.

The US government does not enforce current immigration laws. They do not repatriate those that are here illegally. Where there is no fear of the law and its penalties, there is no obedience. Our immigration laws are currently toothless. There is a reason for this. American businesses want a cheap source of labor. White people are too expensive to put it bluntly. If the cost of labor can be driven down by immigrants, then so be it. American business also drives the Washington politicians to pay lip service to the problem, while at the same time doing nothing about it. There is no motivation in Washington to fix this.

The Democrats in Washington see votes. It is believed these immigrants will become voting Democrats (even though it is not legal for non citizens to vote). The Republicans see labor costs going down and they also see future Republican voters as the immigrants begin to prosper and become wealthy. It's just a win win for everybody except white middle class people that pay the taxes but now apparently have no representation.

A similar event is happening in Europe with the middle eastern immigrants. There is currently a shift in power taking place there though that may force repatriation of these invading foreigners. The right and far right nationalist parties are gaining in numbers. It is a trend that I hope will eventually translate to North America. We will see.

There is currently only one presidential candidate that is willing to talk frankly on this issue and that is Donald Trump. He may well be all bluster and blunder on the problem, but he is talking about it. One has to wonder how many undocumented workers he has making beds and sweeping floors in those hotels he owns. I'm sure it will all come out in the end.

My point here is that if western immigration is allowed to continue at its present pace, western culture, history and the European races will gradually disappear from the planet. The world we built will be given to others. Caucasian birth rates have plummeted all over the planet.

We will at first become a minority in our own lands. We will then be forced to accept the same terms of labor as the immigrants and we will then be persecuted for standing up for our own humanity when we object. Genocide will not be far behind.

The odd thing is that the people at the top will still be white, mostly European and mostly Jewish. I would venture to say that this is what is desired. These are the one percent. They are at the top of the pyramid. We are the worker bees.

The step after this is general population reduction across the board. The goal is 2 billion people or less on the planet. In the coming, fully automated world (of singularity where man and machine merge), they will probably not need this many slaves, but it remains to be seen.

I would like to say that this should and could be stopped, but at 58 years of age, I find I do not care. I am not leaving any progeny so, I do not care. But you....what about the futures of your children and grandchildren? Do they have one? What will it be like? You might still be able to do something. What? Not sure, but it's something to think about.

I have often wondered why terrorists target civilians. It would seem to me that the source of their pain is not the people, who ever they may be. It is the one percent in the banks, the corporations and governments of the world. This leads me to believe that maybe the terrorists of the day are not what they seem to be. Yes, I am suggesting that they are in fact creations of governments designed to strike fear in the hearts of the people that pay the bills.

So maybe our long term answer is to direct our vitriol at the one percent. Bring them down. Think about it. Make a plan. They are your problem.     

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