Friday, August 7, 2015

I Would Like To....UPDATED

It's the perfect day for it. It's Friday. It's summertime. My boss is in town. I really feel like quitting. Unfortunately, I have nothing in place to allow that sequence of events without some kind of disaster befalling me in the process. I need to to get my ducks in a row and make it happen. I am fed up.

I feel better now. I have vented.

Looking forward to the weekend; to getting my lesson ready for my Sunday school class. I enjoy the process. I almost wish I could do it everyday. It's like my escape mechanism from the troubles of my present life. I hold up on the lower level of the house, pool what I already know, expound on it in writing, look up the connections in scripture (my favorite part) and prepare to present. Then Sunday, I will ask the relevant questions to the Wise that gather in my 8 AM group and we will discuss and fellowship over the promises of the Lord our God. It's a short lived, but invigorating event.

That's the way I feel about it anyway. They may be board to death and have nothing better to do at 0800. Whatever the case, I am glad they come.

I'm going to work now. Pray that I don't do something stupid! (;^))))    

UPDATE - I made through the day without quitting. My boss went home before I got to work. Made it easier to resist the urge. I do need to do something though. I hate feeling like this every Monday and Friday.

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