Friday, August 21, 2015

"Everything Is Fixed and You Can't Change It"

It's not in scripture, but those were the words of Jesus to Pilate in the musical, "Jesus Christ Superstar". The point that was being made in song was that events were happening in the Roman province of Judea that neither Rome, nor Pilate, nor any man on earth could stop. Jesus would be offered as the perfect sacrifice for Humanity's sins. It was inevitable. It was predestined. It was going to happen. God Himself was in control of that moment in history and no one could stop the sequence of events as they unfolded.   

This will dismay many when I say it, but God is not the only spiritual being that has power in our universe. There is another and even God's Church will hand him the keys from time to time. His original name was Lucifer. His heavenly name was unpronounceable, but if you care to try, you will find it in the book of Enoch, an extra-biblical writing that is quoted in the New Testament. He was originally the highest ranking angel in the heavenly court. He was the 'one who covers'. The story is that he hovered above the Lord's throne covering the radiance of the eternal I AM. He also acted as the one who funneled all the information gathered by the other spirits to God. He was the original Metron.

Today, in his fallen state, we know him as the accuser - Satan. He and his demons have worked for two thousand years now to try and undo the work of Jesus on earth.

I am going way out on a limb here but, I think they are about ready to bring everything together. The world stage is ripening. I believe it is about ready for a one world government. It could be triggered by a world financial collapse or an electro magnetic pulse that wipes out the grid and internet or even a faked alien invasion. It will be something that will cause world chaos on a level never before seen. After the initial dust clouds settle from whatever it is, governments will realign, currencies and national militaries will merge and one power will dominate. Order will slowly be restored and a new leader will emerge from the rubble. He will be Jewish. He will claim to be the Messiah and he will try to destroy the one true faith and God's Church on earth from within its very walls.

Go ahead and say I'm nuts if you like and that this is pure fantasy, but the seed for these events is already in place.

You want a time frame? It will happen within the next 100 years.

I have more prognostications about how it will play out, but I will leave you with this. The last remnant of the Church will be here for the entire event. Don't look for a rapture, because there will not be one. After the initial shock of these events when they think they have finally achieved their dream, He will return. And He will be unstoppable. He will lay waste to all things, saving those that belong to Him and chapter one of humanity will be finished. Chapter two will begin and it will last forever because the accuser and his demons will be gone along with all those that followed him. The lake of fire awaits them.

Tick-tock people. Are you ready?

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