Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I Dreamed A Dream

It was intense, visual, in color and I thought it was really happening. I had a dream last night that I remember mostly because I finally woke up. Some might characterize it as a bad dream, but I do not. It was filled with bits and pieces of my life and there were people in it I recognized and conversed with. It seemed odd that some of them were there, but they were there nevertheless. A vigorous dream is a very good sign of some intense REM sleep. For the uninitiated, REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep is the deepest sort of sleep of all the sleep stages and the best for your mental and physical help. I am told that REM sleep is hard for people of my age to come by, so I am encouraged by the genuine rest I received last night.

Sleep experts have said that dreaming is a way that your brain and particularly your subconscious, reboots itself. I suppose a better description would be that your brain runs a anti virus program and releases all the bad files to a containment area for deletion. Whatever the case, I was sleeping well last night. I hit the bed. I read a bit on the Kindle, Oliver was tightly coiled by my side. And I went into a very sound and deep sleep.

As I said, the dream was not bad, but it was, shall we say, disturbing.

I came home from work. It was early. There was still sunlight in the west. There were construction crews in the yard. They were taking out the front window and tearing up the ceiling in the lower level. Dad was home. He appeared to be 20 years younger - my age. He had on a tool belt and I asked him what the heck was going on. He informed me that he was having some long overdue repairs done to the house. I told him that we had only recently (5 years ago) had the front window replaced. He did not believe me. He never believes me. I do not know what I'm talking about. Such is and always has been his attitude.

As I moved around the house, I saw the workmen (who were all Hispanic) ripping out various things or pushing them over. The 3 seasons porch downstairs was being pushed over when I arrived. I went back upstairs and found a Hispanic woman that seemed to be the construction supervisor and began to argue with her to no avail. Everything was totally out of control.

By this time, Dad had sat down and was watching as his house was being destructed. At the same time a man from work appeared in the living room. He was in drag and putting on make up. I asked him what he was doing there and he said he wanted me to know what he did when he was off. I did not need to know.

At just about that time, I noticed thickening pendulous clouds to the south through the gaping hole that was once the front window. Lightning was flashing and there was the low rumble of what I thought was thunder. I went to the construction supervisor and told her that we would need to put up some tarps to keep the rain and hail out of the house. She agreed and her crew began to scurry in search of coverings for the now open air house.

As I watched the sky, the clouds moved closer and became thicker and lower to the ground. There was a strange red glow in the cloud's center. Like it was giving birth, a Boeing 727 passenger plane began to exit the storm. First the nose and then the wings and then the tail section emerged from the cloud. It was on fire and getting closer and closer to the house. I watched in stunned silence as it descended in altitude and almost made contact with the roof as it passed. It crashed to the north of a band of trees beyond the house. The explosion was tremendous. A fireball went up, and then the ear numbing noise blasted through the house.

Again I heard the sound of jet engines. I turned to the south again. This time, emerging from the clouds was a huge, black military aircraft seemingly on the same course as the 727. The cockpit section of the aircraft glowed like fire. There was smoke coming from all four engines and as it passed, it too crashed beyond the trees to the north. The ensuing explosion was 5 times what the 727 was. A mushroom cloud rose above the trees and then the shock wave moved past. The intensity of the light was blinding and the sound was deafening. Debris from the explosion was flying through the air. A small piece hit me in the chest and it burned with heat, but I was uninjured.

Immediately after, we all ran to the north to view the wreckage...except Dad. He remained in his chair staring toward the south unphased by these events.

As the rest of us walked toward the north to the red glow of the aftermath, we discovered another house being built. There were people from church there working hard to get it finished. There was one there who I have not seen for ages that now goes to another church. We were in awe that they continued to work while the wreckage to the north continued to burn. We were told that finishing the house was more important than what was going on to the north. All they would say was, this is what happens.

About this time I awoke, breathing very hard, but feeling very rested. Now you know why I don't go to movies anymore. I don't need them. (;^))) 


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