Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fukushima Aftermath

Do you remember the 9.0 undersea earthquake and resulting tsunami in the Pacific back in March of 2011 that devastated Fukushima, Japan? It caused the nuclear power plant there to ultimately go into a 3 way core meltdown. There were massive radiation releases on land and into the sea that Japan will be reeling from for perhaps centuries. Many believe that this thing continues to release its radioactive poison into the environment. It was truly a disaster of disaster film proportions, the effects of which the Japanese and indeed the world are only beginning to realize.

Natural Society is reporting that mutant daisies have been discovered 65 miles away from the nuclear facility in Fukushima. It is believed now that the radioactive water from the nuclear facility has made it's way into the underground fresh water aqua firs and the effects are being felt far from the original disaster site. This is tragic. I do not think we know yet what the full impact of the disaster will be for Japan or the life cycle of the Pacific ocean. The pain of this disaster will make us long for the days of coal fired power plants. A little CO2 is better than cobalt 90 any day of the week.

 If the plant radiation is doing this to the flora of Japan, what is it doing to the people of Japan? What is it doing to the sea life around Japan? Is the radiation moving west?

I suppose the airborne stuff has been around the planet a few times by now. Makes you think twice about eating seafood from the Pacific too.

What will be the final results of this disaster in human terms? We need to find a better power source and we need to stop building nuclear power plants in earthquake zones. That would be a good start...if it's not too late.

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