Thursday, July 23, 2015

Donald Trump - Repulican Nightmare

Donald Trump is many things. He is rich - over 10 billion by most sources. He is iconic - people loved his TV show. He is a loose cannon; his mouth is often engaged while his brain remains in neutral. But he is also something else. He is a Republican that is running for POTUS.

The Donald, in his early campaign, has completely distracted the voting public with outrageous comments about immigrants and the military record of Senator John McCain. He continually dominates the news cycles and distracts us with his inflammatory rhetoric. People say 'so what, it's entertaining and he's right about many things'.

My thought is that the Republicans should be very afraid - not of Trump - but what he is doing to the electoral process.

Currently, he has the media so distracted that they are not covering more viable candidates in the Republican barn. We hear nothing about other candidates. Instead we hear how the Donald leads with his mouth day to day. This will be devastating for the Republicans. If they do not do something about him, they will be faced with either bending the knee to his bluster or facing the strong possibility of his 3rd party candidacy.

Donald Trump is a calculated distraction. He is neither an actual Republican or Democrat. His job is to distract, to siphon off votes and ensure that we end up with another 'establishment' type president in the style of Clinton or Bush or Obama.

Donald Trump is the Ross Perot of our time. His job is to bring down one of the major party candidates and ensure the election of the other. At this point, it's too soon to say which candidate, but I would bet my vote that it's the Republican candidate that he is supposed to take down.

In a three way race in the general election, I'm thinking that Trump would draw away the most votes from Jeb Bush. Since I'm a Christian Libertarian, I am all for destroying all things Bushy. However, the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency elected by a minority of the voters makes me want to scream like a preteen girl. It is a loathsome and fearful prospect. The Evil Borg Queen or the Dark Lord of Mordor.

So, I can only hope that if the Donald runs 3rd party, that he wins. Frankly, he is the least disgusting of the three.

For the record, as a Christian Libertarian, I can only support Rand Paul of all the major party candidates. For me, he is the best choice. I am sure that I will not be able to support the Libertarian Party candidate. Normally, they are such odd balls, their own mothers would not vote for them. The Constitution party is an option. They will not win, but they are an option.

For now and the future, I must face the facts. I am a minority voter. I will not be heard, either in a Republic or a Democracy. My vote and my opinion does not matter. I can only hope for chaos and an eventual reordering of the culture. Yes, Revolution. This is the only thing that will fix the current political dyspepsia. The current ruling class, which has no political aspirations, will continue to manipulate the political process to their own ends. They do not have principle. They only have desire to keep what they have and steal more. They can only do this by controlling those who govern. The Empire of the United States is internationally controlled for this purpose. Until the controllers are destroyed, they will continue to manipulate the players, both corporate and political, for their own ends. It may well be time to introduce them to the guillotine. Whatever...I do not have time for revolution. I do not have much hope for our alleged republic either. I will wait quietly for the end.

Go Donald!           

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