Friday, June 12, 2015


I am wondering if this will be the next frontier in human migration beyond our genetic and hormonal capacities. That's right. I am talking about the oppression of the WrongSkinned. I do not see how this can be allowed to continue. Someone has to do something. We need laws to protect these people from the bigots that would persecute them. I mean, if a man or a women born with white skin feels in their hearts and minds that they are really Black or Latino or Chinese, who are we to say otherwise? If it feels right, it must be right. We cannot deny them their mental racial heritage can we, simply because of the way their body is? That would be cisracial. We can have none of that in our egalitarian society. And look at it this way. At least we will not have to change the signs on the restrooms again. This should be a no brainer. Race is just a social construct anyway right?

Geez. I wonder what this will do to affirmative action? It should open doors for a lot more people. This will be a good thing.

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