Sunday, June 14, 2015


All right...I have a problem. It's not so much a problem. Actually I feel fine. Maybe it's my definition of "fine" that needs work. Whatever.

I really don't like to be touched. Not sure I need to go into the "why" of it, but I just don't like it. You would think people would respect that, especially non family members, but alas no, this is not to be. There is someone at church that does not seem to get the subliminal messages that I send out. Most can see the flashing neon sign above my head. It says "Warning: Absolutely No Hugging". Most everyone senses it except him...or maybe he sees my invisible barrier and chooses to ignore it.

I do not need to be hugged...OK?   There is a no hugging zone around me. Please don't violate it. We will both be fine without it. Your physical expressions are fine for others. I'm sure they enjoy it. You and I do not need that. We will do well without it. 

I feel better now...and no, I do not need a hug.

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