Friday, June 12, 2015


 This just in from Andrew Griffin at The Independent :

"A newly-released headset hopes to wake people up or calm them down by manipulating the electricity in their brain.
Thync costs $299 and has just been released to the public. It provides “calm or energy on demand”, the company says, by using “neurosignalling” to activate nerves and change people’s state of mind.
The Thync looks like a small, white plastic triangle that is placed on the forehead. Its then fed with “Vibes” — specially-formulated zaps that either wake people up or calm them down.
The whole thing is controlled by phones. The zapping lasts an hour but the effects can go on for long after that, the company claims.
A number of different reviewers have tried the zapping, claiming that it really does wake up or put to sleep its users."

I think I will make everyone at work get one of these and have it set to the app on my cell phone. Then everyone will get along and work smarter, not harder. If this is transhumanism, I think I will like it. I might install one on Dad too and maybe the dog.

Does this make me a control freak?

All I want is a little peace....maybe I should get one for just myself and then all the crap swirling around me will least in my mind. I wonder if they have one that will fit my enormous head. More study will be required.

They are only 299.00. Better than a I-watch.

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