Monday, June 15, 2015

The Magna Carta - 800 Years Old Today

In the history of western freedom from the tyranny of the State, the Magna Carta of England - The Great Charter - stands alone as the beginning of what loosely could be called self government. The tyrant, King John, was forced by his Barons to bend the knee to the rights of his subjects. Today, exactly 800 years later, the world celebrates this first movement toward freedom and away from tyranny.

The idea that a people can govern themselves should strike fear in the heart of every king, president, dictator, parliament or congress throughout the world. Do not trifle with our rights. They do not emanate from the behest of government officials or royal families. We are persons in our own right; the children of the ONE True God and it is He that gave us choice over our destiny. You are merely His servants  Therefore, tread lightly as you rule or face His judgement.

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