Friday, June 12, 2015

Not Sure What It is, but...

Why is it that if I listen to the news or check it out on the internet, I lose track of everything I wanted to write about? What passes for news in our age is a bit of a joke anyway. You can tell me that the media is independent and not controlled by nefarious powers if you like, but it seems strange to me that all the news media outlets in the world are owned (and arguably controlled) by the same 5 multinational corporations. They tell us all what the controllers want us to know. Doesn't matter if it's true or moral or right; it's what they want us to know. The information we all get has purpose. It is intended to manipulate - for political purposes, for cultural purposes, for control. It's part and parcel of a government that is not supposed to exist - The Great Technocracy.

One might ask, "what are you babbling about now Ghog?"

Back in the early 1930's, a form of government was purposed that was supposed to bring paradise and ease to everyone on our planet. Utopia. They called it technocracy. Essentially technocracy is rule by the best and the brightest in the sciences, in technology, in philosophy; a scientific dictatorship of those best equipped to rule in terms of human intelligence.

Let me suggest that this is still the plan. It just got interrupted by World War II. Since the end of that war, technocracy has been slowly building worldwide and most especially here in the United States. More and more, it's the bureaucrats that write our laws and the rules and regulations of government. To be sure, Congress and the President still rubber stamp these rules and regulations, but they no longer understand them or write them and most especially NOT in full view of the people.

This is because the social scientists and hard science folks that run the various departments in our federal, state and local governments are really the ones that are in control of our elected leadership. It's the reason that no one could read the Affordable Health Care Act prior to a congressional vote. It's the reason that no one can read Obamatrade prior to a congressional vote. There are groups of people inside and outside of government that know what is best for us and they know that we are waaaaay too stupid to be making decisions or influencing policy about world trade or our own health.

The media is in charge of manipulating this ballet of bureaucracy so that it is acceptable and even palatable to us out here in the cheap seats. They bombard us with distractions like Katelyn Jenner so that we do not realize that we are being sold into permanent slavery by our own government.

The media helps to stack the deck of political candidates too, so that the ones that rise to the top are controlled by those that own everything, including the media. This is how we end up with the most corrupt leadership possible at every election.

There is no free press anymore.

The internet was giving hope for awhile that things would change, but as governments worldwide place more and more controls on the internet and as companies like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft manipulate search parameters, internet freedom is being destroyed. Mark my words. The day will come when you will only be able to find approved versions of whatever you are looking for in an internet search. They want us all spouting the same approved line together with no dissenting voices.

The future is not bright and this...this is why I should avoid looking at the news in the morning. 

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